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The Clark Report: The Church Mouse

CRRRUNCH. Crunch. The saying "quiet as a church mouse" must refer to a living church mouse, because a church mouse being consumed as a snack is quite loud. Yes, I am speaking from experience. No, don't worry. I didn't eat … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Sunday May 14, 2017 Mother’s Day The second mother’s day without your mother, etiquette says you’re supposed to keep it to yourself. I was reminded yesterday that I was lucky to have my mother still alive for my 50th year. … Continue reading

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Clark’s Cat Chat

Reader Katy B writes in: How do you keep your sleek appearance? Do you miss not having the urge to go catting around with other female cats? What is <your person>‘s best, and worst, traits? Dear Katy, I’ve been napping … Continue reading

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Blogs, getcher blogs here

Typical San Francisco day, sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe on the cable car line, with an acquaintance from Los Angeles. We’re shooting the shit about life in San Francisco, the first dot com boom, whether life is “tactile” anymore, … Continue reading

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Smartphone Blues

Ok, I am going to admit to a very technology-uncool item – I don’t have a smart phone. I still have the old circa 2009 low-tech Tracfone that my Dad gave me, before he died. I’ve held onto it out … Continue reading

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From the “Ask a Stupid Question” Department

A new coffee shop called “Saint Frank” opened up in my neighborhood. I ventured in while waiting for my bus to work. The coffee bags were insanely expensive. $17.00 for a HALF pound of ground coffee! That’s more than twice … Continue reading

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Heaven, in June, with catnip.

Tonight when I arrived home after a choir rehearsal, with a side trip to see two old friends perform at a local lounge, I was musically saturated.  My little apartment was piping hot, so I opened all the doors and … Continue reading

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