Heaven, in June, with catnip.

Tonight when I arrived home after a choir rehearsal, with a side trip to see two old friends perform at a local lounge, I was musically saturated.  My little apartment was piping hot, so I opened all the doors and windows, and sat in a little chair just outside my front door, and enjoyed the slightly chilled air in the lobby.

My senior cat came out to join me, and stopped a few feet away to sit in perfect Cat-ness on the cool linoleum floor, her calico patches smooth under the dim full-spectrum 25 watt bulb above her.

To get a little air flow, I’d propped the building door open, so the slight breeze came through the outer iron gate (still locked) and through the second open doorway, and brushed her white whiskers. She stared at nothing for a few minutes, as a cat is wont to do; then took three turns around my ankles and demanded a midnight snack. I was happy to comply. So glad this gorgeous senior Calico Gal is chomping away at meals again.

After dinner, she lounged on her brand new, Double-Wide Trader Joe’s Cat Scratcher, complete with fresh catnip sprinkled in all the cardboard crevices.

Heaven, in June, with catnip.

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