Clark’s Cat Chat

Reader Katy B writes in:

How do you keep your sleek appearance?
Do you miss not having the urge to go catting around with other female cats?
What is <your person>‘s best, and worst, traits?

Dear Katy,

I’ve been napping and contemplating your questions deeply.
Fur-stly, thank you for your compliment on my appearance!  While I certainly take care of my grooming regularly, I’m not a compulsive bather.  My fur is shiny due to my human giving me plenty of petting – the oils from her skin help keep my my fur shiny.  She also brushes me regularly – I insist on that.
Second item – that is a rather sensitive question.  We boy cats don’t like to discuss our missing, er,  fur balls, not to put to fine a point on it.  That said, I prefer the company of humans.  Other cats, while of course superior creatures to humans, are very hard to control and I don’t like fisticuffs – although I’ll take on any dog that dares come to close, I’d rather not get into a cat fight.
As to my purrson – She is a very attentive and caring human and caters to my needs as best she can.  Unfortunately, she likes to sleep through the best part of the night – between 2-5 am.  I’m doing my best to break her of that habit, and it seems to be working — for the last 2 weeks, I’ve had her up between 3-4 in the morning for food, treats, and walking the halls.  Hoping to get her fully night-trained soon.
Thanks for your very insightful questions!
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  1. Bob says:

    Clark, you are so wise!

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