Clark’s Cat Chat – Advice for Living Your Purrfect Life

11037817_10205910416095158_5626853550588593519_nHey you.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  I’m Clark.  I’m here to answer all your questions about life, love, furballs, and edible plastics.

Let me say this to you.  I know what you’re thinking before you think it.  Every human has what your gamblers call a “tell” –  a tiny subtle tic that gives away your true intentions.  We know, for example, when you are thinking of throwing us in the black case and carting us off to the people in white coats who stick needles in us and poke and prod us relentlessly.  You think we just decided to sit in the farthest corner under the bed that morning by coincidence?

Come on people. I can help you because I know you better than you know yourselves.

I’ll be gentle and together we will purrrrrr through your most troubling problems and get you happy and licking yourselves clean again.

Please write to me at and I’ll be glad to help.  Right after my nap.


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