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Night falls

Nighttime; the blanket of darkness falls around me, making space for the events of the day to relax, be still and simply be what they are, casting no shadows, opening themselves up not for scrutiny under bright inspection, but for … Continue reading

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Faux Paw

The cat has finally forgiven me for my terrible “faux paw” this morning. I had taken the viola out of its dusty case and played a few scratchy scales. The cat stared at me first in disbelief, then pain, then … Continue reading

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The law should protect the innocent, not shelter animal abusers. Stand up against “Ag Gag” laws.

Democracy Now reports: “So-called ‘ag-gag’ bills that criminalize undercover filming on farms and at slaughterhouses to document criminal animal abuse are sweeping the country. Five states, including Missouri, Utah and Iowa, already have such laws in place. North Carolina has … Continue reading

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Dear Fans,

Purrhaps you’ve been wondering, “Whatever happened to Kitty Ultra Sound?”  Now you can get your answer –  and a lot more. First let me say, I am so thankful for all the cards, letters, and emails, as well as shipments … Continue reading

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